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Dates: November 25yh-27th, 2020

Application opening date: 3/12/2019
I apply to participate in interihotel and I accept the terms of participation (deadline 16/10/2020 or until the spaces are out of stock) interihotel is officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism as an International Fair. Check with your administration if you are likely to be a beneficiary of any grant for participating in international fairs.

Check this in case you're a Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) company
Integral: Realization of "turnkey" hotel interior design projects, integrating different types of products in the exhibiting offer (furniture, lighting, textiles, flooring, decoration...) and offering interior design and installation services. The integral exhibitor must prove through its website, catalogs, etc. that its proposition is valuable and clearly contemplates the offer of these "turnkey" services either directly or with collaborating brands under a joint proposal.

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The cost of participation includes STAND (depending on type of space), supply and electricity consumption up to 3000 watts.
Does not include modifications / extensions of the stand, which will be contracted separately.
CENFIM will inform the exhibitor of the contact details of the homologated company for the modifications / extensions of stands.

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Collaborating Companies

Fill in it, in case of you want to give visibility to more than one brand in the same stand (website, exhibitos' cataloge, sign in the stand, newsletters, social madia...)
"General" and "Platform" spaces: Maximum one collaborating company plus the exhibitor..
"Integral" spaces: Maximun three collaborating companies plus the exhibitor.
"Materials & tech. area" spaces: No collaborating companies allowed.

Additional cost:

  • CENFIM Members: 700€ + VAT per each collaborating company
  • 1000,00€ + VAT per each collaborating brand.

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